Decided to round up my favourite MAC Cosmetics products of the moment, most of which are from their recent releases. I love talking about makeup and I’m uber excited to share them with you! There’s so many yummy makeup products that I’ve been loving from them, so I hope you find this somewhat informative and if there’s something that tickles your fancy, you should definitely run to your nearest MAC Cosmetics counter to check them out. For easy reading, I’ve grouped them into their respective categories, namely face, eyes and lips. It’s going to be lengthy, so skip through if there’s specific products that you’re interested in!



Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage, Powder Blush in Harmony (Matte), Pro Longwear Concealer, Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation, Pro Longwear Pressed Powder

I’ve always been a die-hard fan of MAC’s Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, it’s my holy grail for powder foundations and I’ve been using this for years now. If you have oily skin, this is one of the best powders in the market and I swear by it! I have some other favourites for oily skin, namely Chanel’s Mat Lumiere and NARS’ Powder Foundation, but MAC’s Studio Fix is the best in terms of price point and the actual amount of product you get between the three. MAC also recently released a new liquid and pressed powder foundation for their Pro line, the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation and Pro Longwear Pressed Powder. The Nourishing Waterproof Foundation is a waterproof foundation, which is great for oily skin and humidity. I don’t particularly enjoy using it on its own, primarily because I find the consistency a wee bit too thick and sticky. However, when mixed with a lighter face product, such as a moisturiser or sun block, it works great! My current everyday foundation of choice is this mixed with a bit of my regular BB cream and NARS’ Illuminator in Orgasm. I’m all about mixing makeup products to custom blend something that works for you, so do try it if you haven’t already!

As for the Pressed Powder, skip the sponge puff it comes with and opt for a brush instead. I use this to set my liquid foundation, and I find that it’s a great substitute for loose powder as there’s less mess and that bit more of coverage. The powder is very finely milled so it doesn’t cake on or look heavy and it gives such a nice, flawless and light finish – just like using a loose powder. I used to set my foundation with either the Studio Fix Powder Plus or a loose powder, but this Pressed Powder is now my current face setting powder of choice.

Not gonna lie, I only purchased the Pro Longwear Concealer because so many YouTubers rave about it and it’s a constant staple in almost every makeup video I watch! And I’m glad I did, because it really is a good concealer. The consistency is more liquid-y than the cream concealers that I’m used to, making it very light and easy to blend and build up on. The only gripe I have against this is the packaging, particularly the dispenser. It’s almost impossible to control the pump and I always end up dispensing more product than I actually need. Ugh, I really hate wasting makeup.

The Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage is actually the first primer I ever purchased years ago when I started transitioning into higher end makeup, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s great for oily/combination skin as it does reduce oiliness and it gives the skin a radiance boost with all the shimmer packed in it. To me, this is like a primer and skin illuminator in one, so if you don’t like shimmer, you might want to skip this. As for blushers, MAC’s Powder Blush in Harmony is my top favourite of the moment! I’ve been really getting into darker blush colours and this one is perfect. It looks like a bronzer shade, I know, but it’s a muted rose-beige tone that looks very natural and I especially love using this when I’m wearing a heavy eye makeup look so that my eye makeup really stands out. It also helps to add that bit more of contouring when applied on the outer cheeks, or you can just use this and skip bronzer completely if you’re not that into bronzing/contouring.



Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Toasted Blonde, Dazzleshadow in Boom Boom Room and Let’s Boogie, In Extreme Dimension Lash, Eye Times Nine Palettes in Burgundy Times Nine, Navy Times Nine and Amber Times Nine, Eyebrow Pencil in Delineated

When it comes to my makeup routine, I cannot emphasise enough how important nicely done eyebrows and lashes are. Some people may not care much for them, but I do. Honestly, MAC’s Eyebrow Pencil isn’t outstanding, it’s pretty much like most regular brow pencils except with nicer packaging, but it makes such a good combination when used together with the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set. Brow mascaras are all the rage right now and if you haven’t tried one, you really need to jump on the bandwagon. It makes all the difference. You might be wondering why I’m using such lightly coloured brow products here, but that’s because I always like my brows to match the colour of my hair (on my head) and it’s currently light brown with blonde highlights. The brow mascara helps to colour and tint my eyebrows to make them appear a lot lighter than my natural brow colour, aside from keeping them neatly combed in place and super long-lasting. Heck yes to pretty eyebrows all day long! You don’t have to run out and get these exact products though, a great drugstore alternative that is very similar is the KATE eyebrow pencil and brow gel.

Another product that is a holy grail for me is the In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara. Not joking, this is seriously the best mascara I’ve used to date and will continue repurchasing until something better comes along. A few of my friends have tried it too after my recommendation and we all unanimously agree that it’s really amazing. The large rubber wand may seem intimidating and cumbersome, but I find that it really makes applying mascara a lot easier than a regular sized wand. The difference with this mascara is that it gives my lashes a wispy effect, like it’s naturally fluffy, dense and long. It doesn’t over separate and coat my lashes like most mascaras do, where it sometimes end up too perfect and sharp looking. I know you must think I’m crazy and how is that even a problem, but after trying out this mascara, I don’t ever want to have perfect and sharp looking eyelashes again. Wispy is the way to go! My only issue with this is that it doesn’t come with a waterproof alternative and it does sometimes smudge due to my oily skin. I counter this by coating it over with a waterproof mascara, in particular the Faux Fayc Fauxlash Mascara Duo. These two mascaras together give me the craziest looking eyelashes, in a good way of course!

MACPost6Eye Times Nine Palettes in Navy Times Nine, Amber Times Nine and Burgundy Times Nine

Can we have a moment to appreciate how gorgeous and perfect these Eye Times Nine Palettes are? These are part of the Eyes on MAC collection, which features a total of 6 eyeshadow palettes in two different sizes. I have 3 out of the 4 Eye Times Nine palettes, with the other one being the Purple Times Nine. If you’re into purple eyeshadows, you should definitely check that one out. I’m not a huge fan of purple, so I skipped it, but it does look hella nice. In my honest opinion, these are some of the prettiest palettes out there in the market. For one, I’m not into fancily packaged makeup products and I much prefer simple and minimalistic packaging like MAC’s. Packaging aside, the quality of the shadows are really good and I love the colour selection. The pan sizes are smaller than the regular MAC single pan eyeshadows, but I prefer it this way as I honestly struggle with finishing up any single pan eyeshadows and I can appreciate having more colour options over the amount of product when it comes to eyeshadows. The size of these palettes make them perfect for travelling as they’re really compact. Each palette features a variety of colours that come in different eyeshadow formulas/textures, such as matte, frost, veluxe pearl, satin and velvet. My favourite would definitely be the Burgundy Times Nine! These palettes are permanent to the MAC collection and if you had to pick just one, I’d definitely recommend the Burgundy Times Nine over the other three, especially since reddish tones are all the rage currently.

Something else that definitely caught my eye would be the Dazzleshadow eyeshadows, which are a part of the Le Disko collection that features 12 Dazzleshadow singles and 5 Dazzleglass lip glosses. I have 3 of the shadows, including I Like 2 Watch which isn’t featured in the picture above. These dazzleshadows are packed with a lot of shimmer and most of them have a duo-chrome effect to them, appearing as a different metallic colour from varying angles. Not gonna lie, these shadows are kind of tricky to work with and you’ll be disappointed using them dry as the shadows don’t have the same payoff colour as in the pan and feel more like pressed pigments than a regular eyeshadow due to all the glitter. I would recommend that you only use them wet or over a sticky base such as glitter glue or a cream base to achieve the best result. Anything sticky that would grab onto the pigments would work. I use them over cream eye pencils and they are absolutely gorgeous!



Lipstick in Velvet Teddy (Matte), Whirl (Matte), Tropic Tonic (Matte), Antique Velvet (Matte), Prep + Prime Lip, Patentpolish Lip Pencil in French Kiss


Lipstick in Velvet Teddy (Matte) and Whirl (Matte)

Possibly the best collection release from MAC this year, the MAC Matte Lip Collection was the one I was looking forward to the most because I love matte lipsticks to death and honestly, MAC’s matte lipsticks are some of the best in the market. There are a total of 22 shades in the collection, which consists of re-promotes and a whole bunch of new colours in matte and retro matte formulas. Where do I even begin?! I have 12 of them and they’re all awesome, but my personal favourites are most definitely Velvet Teddy and Whirl, and you can tell I’ve been using them a lot! Described as a deep-tone beige, Velvet Teddy is the perfect neutral nude lip that is versatile for everyday makeup or to pair with a heavy eye makeup look. I’m just glad that I’ve found yet another great nude lip colour that isn’t the typical light pink nude, which I find very unflattering for my skin tone. As for Whirl, I feel like this lipstick needs no introduction as it has been so wildly popularised by Kylie Jenner. But yes, all the hype around it is real and I freaking love it! Described as a dirty rose shade, Whirl is perfect as a neutral bold lip colour and as an alternative to my regular red lipstick. It’s such an on trend colour of the moment and one that you should definitely pick up – that’s if it isn’t sold out at the counters yet. The formulas of the matte lipsticks are very long-lasting, creamy and comfortable. Skip the retro matte formulas if you’re worried about dryness as I do find them very drying. The MAC Matte Lipstick Collection is permanent as well, so yay!

Lastly, a product that may seem somewhat redundant until you actually try it that I would highly recommend is the Prep + Prime Lip primer. I’ve never ever thought of using a lip primer, but this is seriously amazing and very necessary, especially if you struggle with getting your lipsticks to stay on or apply smoothly on chapped lips. The primer feels very moisturising but unlike a lip balm, it will also help to prevent your lipstick from slipping off or fading with its tacky texture. Just make sure that you let the product dry into a tacky consistency before applying your lipstick over.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this post as much as I had drafting it. It makes me really happy when I get to share about beauty products that I absolutely love with my readers. Special thanks to Yanny from MAC Cosmetics Singapore for always hooking me up! Even though most of these were press gifts (some were purchased by me), all my opinions here are 100% straight up. Just know that if there’s something that I don’t like, it doesn’t get featured on my blog. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section, I will be more than happy to reply to them!

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