Fresh is pure beauty. Dedicated to natural ingredients, rich textures, and addictive scents, Fresh offers a sensorial experience like none other.


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A few weeks back, I received two gift boxes from the lovely folks at Fresh Singapore stuffed with Fresh’s best-selling sensorial face masks. If you already follow me on Snapchat (@girlwhocriedwlf), you would have seen me unboxing and using them. I took the past few weeks to test out and properly review the masks (I take my reviews pretty seriously alright), and since I liked them so much, I decided to share them on my blog with all of you who might be interested! Without further ado, let me introduce you to Fresh’s arsenal of best-selling face masks.

“With highly effective natural ingredients and sublime textures, Fresh Masks offer targeted treatments for every concern.”
~ Lev Glazman & Alina Roytberg (Fresh Founders)

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Rose Face Mask

The iconic and cult-favourite Rose Face Mask hydrates and tones the complexion to restore radiance and suppleness to all skin types. The unique cooling gel formula is infused with real rose petals that literally melt into the skin. This mask helps to moisturise, soften, smoothen, soothe and improve the skin’s appearance. Also, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Rose Face Mask, Fresh collaborated with London-based artist, Jo Ratcliffe, to create a commemorative limited edition packaging which is so gorgeous!

My thoughts? I love this! My skin is sensitive and irritable most of the time and the Rose Face Mask really helps to calm all the craziness down significantly. It leaves my skin incredibly soft and supple and I really dig the natural rose scent it has – it seriously smells like real fresh roses, not the artificially scented sort. I like how it’s gentle and can be used daily. I also use this before the other masks to tone and prep the skin. If you have sensitive skin, this is perfect for you because rosewater is known for its soothing and balancing properties in skincare! Another tip is to keep the mask refrigerated to enhance its soothing and cooling effects!


Fresh has pioneered the use of many natural ingredients in the beauty industry, most notably sugar. By combining them with modern technology, Fresh offers an experience as indulgent as it is effective. 


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Sugar Face Polish

Sugar Face Polish with nourishing brown sugar and real strawberry seeds is an innovative formula for all skin types that exfoliates and hydrates the skin, instantly revealing a softer, smoother, more radiant complexion. Brown sugar, a natural humectant that seals in moisture, gently buffs away dry, dull skin. This mask helps to exfoliate, improve skin texture, soothe skin and boost skin’s radiance.

My thoughts? This is the bomb diggity! I love anything that exfoliates the skin and this does it ever so gently with the brown sugar granules and strawberry seeds, which works really well with my sensitive skin. My skin feels and looks amazing when I wash this off! The first time I used it, I was really surprised at how soft my skin was and I actually do anticipate using it again every single time. I try to use this before another mask to make sure my skin is prepped, clean and ready to absorb all the goodness of the other masks. And the smell of this is incredibly yummy. I always feel so tempted to lick it off my face.


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Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask

Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask is a one-of-a-kind hydrating treatment made with pure honey for a unique texture that instantly melts into the skin, delivering 6 hours of supreme nourishment while improving elasticity. Revered for generations for its ability to absorb and retain moisture, honey is rich in natural sugars that help to create a moisture-preserving veil over the face. The formula is further enriched with Echinacea, a powerful antioxidant that is known for its ability to improve the skin’s resilience to environmental stress. This mask helps to moisturise, hydrate, protect skin from dryness, nourish and improve skin elasticity.

My thoughts? This stuff is amazing. Out of all the masks, this has the most obvious effect in my opinion. It’s incredibly rich and packed with all sorts of good nourishment for the skin and I really love the honey in this. You really do see and feel results with every use. This is great for days when I need an extra boost of rejuvenation and nourishment. Not gonna lie though, the scent of this puts me off a little as it’s a little too strong for my liking.

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Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask with advanced antioxidants is a hydrating treatment that immediately reveals softer, firmer and healthier-looking skin. The innovative formula’s velvety whipped texture has an immediate cooling effect to refresh the skin and the senses. Black tea ferment is an advanced antioxidant that helps to defend against wrinkle-causing free radicals while softening, smoothing, and enhancing skin’s luster. This mask helps to moisturise, soften, smoothen, soothe and improve skin texture.

My thoughts? I really like how this mask feels on the skin. It’s very relaxing as the texture is lightweight, velvety and cooling, which instantly soothes my skin. True to what it claims, this mask is my top choice before attending any event or photoshoot as it helps to perk up my complexion significantly in a jiffy.  I love anything with tea in it too, so this a big yes for me!


Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask

Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask is a multi-functional formula for normal to oily skin. This instant purifying mask can also be used as a daily deep cleanser or to minimise small imperfections as a spot treatment. It is proven to significantly reduce the appearance of pores and mattify the skin without drying out the complexion. Umbrian Clay, Fresh’s proprietary ingredient, has a uniquely high-mineral content that works to neutralise acidity, thus purifying and clarifying the complexion. This mask helps to reduce the appearance of pores, regulate oil control and mattify, balance, even out, purify the skin.

My thoughts? I was kind of apprehensive to try another clay mask again after using the infamous Glamglow Supermud (overpriced and hella nasty, steer clear if you have oily and sensitive skin), which was total nightmare. It completely screwed me over and my skin was never worse. I only found out after that it is actually loaded with a tonne of chemicals that is way too harsh for the skin, which made me so upset for not double checking first. Anyway, back to the Umbrian Clay Mask. I’m super happy that I tried this because I love it! Thanks to its natural ingredients, it didn’t irritate my skin at all and it leaves my skin feeling extra clean yet not dry nor taut. It’s also much easier to wash off than all the other clay masks that I’ve tried to date. I really like using this as a spot treatment over my zits to dry them out, especially on days when I’m too lazy to apply it allover my face as a mask.


All in all, I’m really stoked with how well these Fresh masks are working their magic on my skin. As someone with sensitive skin, I really do appreciate the natural ingredients used in Fresh’s skincare products and I am looking forward to trying out their other products in time to come.

If you’re keen on checking out Fresh and their amazing products, they recently opened their first flagship store in Singapore and it is located at Ion Orchard, #B3-45/46/47. You can also find Fresh at Sephora stores. To learn more about the brand, products and reviews, visit the Fresh website here.

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