Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G+ Review

This post is a long time coming, but I’m finally ready to review and share about the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+! I’m a first time Samsung user, so this was a whole new experience for me in uncharted territory. It was definitely a little daunting at the beginning, because of the unfamiliarity and the unknown; I had so many questions and concerns! But now that I have configured myself to the whole Samsung interface, I am totally digging it. This phone is impressive, truly. I was “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” so much during the product briefing, it was pretty embarrassing. I just didn’t realise a phone was capable of doing this much. Mind you, what I’m writing here does not even begin to list the full capabilities of the GALAXY Note 4 4G+. This post is a summary of functions that I love and feel makes this phone a stand out. Ready? Let’s move on!


Right off the bat, the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ is such a gorgeous piece of technology. It’s super sleek, modern and basically a combination of all my favourite colours and textures – black with chrome edging and leather grain embossed polycarbonate back casing. I love how it blends right in with my personal aesthetic style and how well constructed the phone is. It feels incredibly solid and nice in the hand. I really don’t have anything to nitpick on when it comes to just how good-looking this phone is. I’ve also been using this phone on a daily basis without any casing or screen protector, but there’s nary a scratch on it. That’s kind of crazy because I’ve butchered my previous phones and they’ve all had covers on them.


Aside from that, the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ has the first ever Quad HD SUPER AMOLED display. Sounds really technical, but it essentially means that it delivers better clarity and readability, with an adaptive display that automatically optimizes the screen brightness and contrast for true to life colours depending on how bright or dark your environment is. It’s such a thoughtful feature, don’t you think? You can preset it if you want the screen brightness to be darker or brighter than the automatic setting beforehand. Mine is always set to darker because my eyes are quite sensitive to light. All in all, the Quad HD SUPER AMOLED display really makes a difference. I’ve recently found myself to be really addicted to YouTube videos recently and the bulk of the time spent on my phone is watching them, so I really do appreciate how clear and vibrant the videos are. And of course, video streaming is a lot faster and seamless with the 4G+ LTE Cat 6 connectivity. That’s twice the speed of LTE Cat 4 and ½ the time!


I’m sure for most of us, the camera’s capability is one of the most important deciding factors when it comes to picking out a phone. The GALAXY Note 4 4G+ boasts a 16MP rear camera and a 3.7MP front camera with brighter lens (F1.9 aperture). The camera function also has a whole range of extra features, which includes the Smart OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation), which is great for taking pictures in low light conditions as it automatically extends exposure time and minimises shake in pictures. Photography in low light is always a nightmare, but the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ does a good job capturing moments in minimal lighting compared to other phones I’ve tried. Another camera mode that I love is the Selective Focus setting that creates a realistic depth of field effect as demonstrated in the right image above. Whatever you want focused is super sharp and everything else is blurred out spectacularly. Love this so much! Here’s some examples of random photos I have taken using the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ under all sorts of lighting conditions – indoor, outdoor, day and night.









I didn’t bring a camera along with me on my most recent trip to Bangkok (that Zalora Singapore very kindly sent me on), and solely relied on the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ to document everything that went down. Most of the snippets above are from that trip! I did edit the pictures according to my own preference, but they were all a lot brighter and colourful than what you see here, which is great, because it gives you more to play with when it comes to processing/editing your pictures.


There is also a Wide Selfie mode, which allows you to take ultra wide pictures at a 120° angle with the front camera. This means that you can fit more into a selfie/wefie picture, be it more friends or background scenery. The front camera also has a beautify feature that automatically smooths out and brightens complexion, really handy for taking quick spontaneous selfies! Some other features that I really like would be the Rear Cam Selfie, which allows you to take self-timer selfies from the rear cam, with a sensor that automatically detects and snaps when your face is in the frame. I feel like Samsung really went all out and took what everyone would want in a smartphone camera and made it all happen at once. It is really efficient, thoughtful and not your ordinary run-of-the-mill phone camera.


Something else that was really new to me is the S Pen. I’ve never had a phone that came with a stylus before and I never thought that I would ever need one either… But I absolutely swear by it now. I know it’s not something for everyone, but I find it so effective and necessary. The precision and sensitivity of the S Pen is amazing. It makes my gibberish handwriting look a lot nicer than it is, so major plus points for that. It’s not just for doodling around and taking notes though, I’ve been using it to add handwritten text on Feist Heist’s web graphics too. The S Pen comes with a whole selection of useful nifty little functions, such as Action MemoSmart SelectImage Clip and Screen Write.


This is just an example of what the S Pen, along with the Photo Note function is capable of. You can take a picture of handwritten notes and text and convert that into digitally editable images. Here, I’ve cropped out a random quote from a magazine interview, added some extra text, doodles and even a highlighter too. This would be extra useful when you want to digitise something that isn’t, in the most efficient and easy manner possible.

Aside from all these fancy vanity features, the most important function on the GALAXY Note 4 4G+ for me is its battery life and fast charging charger. I’m really not someone who carries an extra battery pack while I’m out; I find it excessive. In comparison to my previous iPhone 5 (and even to my boyfriend’s iPhone 6), the difference in battery performance is so significant and I didn’t realise phone batteries could last this long. And you would expect a phone of such high operating standards to zap batteries for breakfast, but this lasts past supper. It also has an ultra power saving mode that helps maximise whatever battery you have left by running it on the very bare basic minimum. Now, how about the fast charger? It charges 50% of the battery in about 30 minutes. What that means is… I can fully charge my phone during the time I take to get ready to head out. That is insane, right? It’s really annoying to wait for your phone to charge to a decent amount of battery, let alone fully charge, especially when you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to wait around. I’m so dependent on this fast charger now that I don’t think I can ever switch back to using a regular charger again. That’s so basic, lol.

Another perk of being a Samsung GALAXY user is the access to other content and services provided by Samsung, namely GALAXY Gifts and GALAXY Life. Normally, I would be quite skeptical and unbothered about “free things”, but this was straightforward with no monkey business involved and I redeemed a free scoop of Häagen-Dazs ice cream last month. Not going to pass up on free ice cream! There’s currently a free ice cream promotion at Ben & Jerry’s for this month too. Mmmhmm! Anyway, the GALAXY Life app also offers many other dining, shopping and lifestyle promotions that changes monthly and it is all exclusively available for GALAXY Life users. As for GALAXY Gifts, you can enjoy free subscriptions from mobile content apps, such as one free e-book every month from the Kindle for Samsung app. All these are provided free of charge via the GALAXY Gifts and GALAXY Life phone app.

So with all that said, the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ is seriously loaded with a broad spectrum of functions and perks. When it comes to mobile phones or technology, I’m not the fussy type who must have the latest, newest and best-est whatever. And I used to not understand the hype over Samsung phones (or any phone, actually) but I do now and I genuinely find that the Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ is one of the best phones currently available in the market and I love it!

The Samsung GALAXY Note 4 4G+ is available in Charcoal Black, Frost White, Bronze Gold and Blossom Pink.

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